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Fundación Tango Argentino
  • Objectives


Mission and objectives

The Fundación Tango Argentino (Argentine Tango Foundation) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization whose chief objective is to disseminate tango in all its various forms of expression. To achieve the stated objective, the FTA develops and promotes activities according to the following five thematic objectives.

1. Artistic theme

With reference to this theme, the Argentine Tango Foundation aims to:

  • Spread tango among as many people as possible; the youth, adults, and the elderly. We target both locals and foreigners, with the understanding that the lyrics and the dance are both irrefutably tied in their origin to the contributions of the immigrants to Argentina.
  • Collaborate with putting up tango-related shows to attract more people to tango and equally crucially; to offer the possibilities of employment to novice dancers and musicians who are taking their initial steps in their professional tango career.
  • Bridge the gap between traditional and alternative tango music by inspiring young musicians (composers, lyricists, and/or singers) to take up this discipline in order to recreate or compose songs that will further enrich tango culture.
  • Establish cultural exchanges and contacts with artists abroad to spread tango in various countries, with the objective of initiating interest in Argentine culture and thus increasing job opportunities for young artists, while simultaneously stimulating tourism to Argentina.
  • Produce movies and videos or publish books, magazines and other digital material relevant to the objectives of Argentine Tango Foundation.
  • Start a tango library and museum.

2. Educational theme

With reference to this theme, the Argentine Tango Foundation aims to:

  • Disseminate the teaching of tango (particularly among the young crowd) through the implementation of free classes in various locations such as schools, clubs and milongas.
  • Organize and promote seminars, courses and symposiums whose central theme is to deepen the understanding of tango and its multiple aspects such as musical, historical, technical, sociological, etc.
  • Award fellowships for the study and improvement of tango related disciplines.
  • Encourage projects that propose to incorporate the teaching of tango in programs in their educational institutions. National, provincial or municipal, at all levels: primary school, secondary school, and higher education or universities.

3. Research theme

In reference to this theme, the Argentine Tango Foundation aims to:

  • Support all activities related to the research of various aspects of tango.
  • Award research fellowships to promote investigation of various tango elements.

4. Social theme

With reference to this theme, the Argentine Tango Foundation aims to develop and implement rehabilitation programs for street children, with special stress on teaching of tango-dance as a method of social and economic integration.

5. Therapeutic theme

In reference to this theme, the Argentine Tango Foundation encourages individuals with special capacities and disabilities to learn tango as a form of facilitating their social and economic integrations. To this effect, the Argentine Tango Foundation implements programs related to the incorporation of tango dance as part of therapy for patients affected by various pathologies. The Argentine Tango Foundation contracts a panel of professionals from various disciplines – medics, psychologists, kinesiology's, music therapists, and physiatrists – responsible for the execution and evolution of the said objective. In this way, tango is presented not only as an artistic expression, but also (in its place with alternative therapies) a support for rehabilitation.

As the mentioned five thematic objectives demonstrate, the Argentine Tango Foundation functions under very broad and liberal concepts. It does not restrict itself by considering tango only as an artistic or cultural pursuit. Instead, it acknowledges tango's valuable contribution to social values and therapy. Hence, the Argentine Tango Foundation defines its essential objective as the promotion of tango in all its forms and expressions, on both a national and international front; developing, supporting and promoting all activities related to enriching and spreading it.