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Argentine Tango Foundation
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Fundación Tango Argentino
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How can you help Argentine Tango Foundation?

There are several ways of collaborating and helping us to fulfill the objectives of FTA:

  • Donate to the organization. For more information, contact
  • Collect historical material that enriches our understanding of tango. Contact
  • Propose ideas and research that enables social and cultural growth of tango, including both empirical research as well as the creation of new techniques and proposals that can help further development of tango. Contact
  • Volunteer at the FTA. The foundation cannot fully succeed in its mission of developing tango socially and culturally without the help of talented volunteers like you. As a volunteer at the FTA you can have various responsibilities. You can be a brand ambassador, helping with the publicity and promotion of the activities of the foundation, both in Argentina and abroad. You can also directly participate in the administration and development of the FTA (for instance, public relations, legal issues, translations, research, accounting, etc) alongside with our permanent staff. Contact